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Japan is a fantastic country!

We introduce you lots of great, wonderful, marvelous places and spots everywhere in Japan.

  • UNESCO world heritages
  • Historical places, such as temple, shrine, castle, garden, and so on
  • Festivals and Events
  • Natural landscapes
  • Countryside spots

Let’s explore Treasure in Japan!!

Sample Course

Local Spots

●牛久大仏  Ushiku Daibutsu / Ibaragi

 ●増上寺 Zojoji temple  / Tokyo

節分豆まき Seasonal event of new year (Bean-throwing ceremony) in February

 ●富岡八幡宮 Tomioka Hachiman Gu Shrine / Tokyo

 深川八幡祭り(水掛け祭り)Summer event (caryying portable shrine “Mikoshi” with water splash) in August

●秩父夜祭 Chichibu Night Festival / Saitama in December 

Chichibu Night Festival UNESCO Cultural Heritage
MOVIE: Chichibu Night Festival

 Chichibu Night Festival UNESCO Cultural Heritage


●長岡まつり大花火大会 Nagaoka Hanabi Fireworks / Niigata in August

Nagaoka Fireworks
MOVIE: Nagaoka Fireworks

●西福寺開山堂 Saifukuji temple / Niigata

●国宝・松本城 Matsumoto Castle National Treasure  / Nagano

Matsumoto Castle

●赤目四十八滝 Akame 48 Falls / Mie

忍者修行 “Ninja” Training

●おわら風の盆 Owara Kaze no Bon Night Festival / Toyama in September

MOVIE: Kaze no Bon
MOVIE: Kaze no Bon
MOVIE: Kaze no Bon


●瀬戸内海 Seto Inland Sea

栗林公園 Ritsurin Garden / Kagawa

小豆島 Shodo shima Island / Kagawa

男木島 Ogi jima Island / Kagawa

うだつの町並み Udatsu Old Town / Tokushima



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