Kazenobon & Gokayama 3days

Local festival & UNESCO Heritage in Toyama

Toyama prefecture is blessed with delicious rice and abundant of seafood.
It is one of the best seasons to visit Toyama prefecture now, because only a few people visit there.
Why not enjoy and explore the full of historical sites and breathtaking views?

Special Group Tour in 2019

This program is made for Japanese customer, but you can join this, and you can enjoy communication with Japanese people!! Furthermore, you can stay local old traditional Japanese style house at Gokayama, this is fantastic experience for you, we believe!!


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Owara Kaze no Bon / Bon Dance of the Wind

Kaze-no Bon or Bon Dance of the Wind is held from September 1 to 3 in every year and its origin dated back to 1702. Two hundred fifty thousand people from all over Japan visit this small town, even though whose population is only twenty thousand in Ecchu Yatsuo, to enjoy this Bon Dance of the Wind. It is not enthusiastic festival such as Awa-Dance in Tokushima, but it has a little different character. There are three ways of dancing to exemplify the subtle and profound. One is women’s dance wearing “yukata” and woven hats deeply, and dance forward quietly with accompanying soulful Chinese fiddles and “Owara” lyrics. The second is men’s dance with rising their feet higher and forward bravely. And the last is men and womens’ dance together with delicacy.

Gokayama UNESCO Heritage

Gokayama area is designated as the World Heritage like Shirakawa-Go, houses with steep rafter roof in Gifu Prefecture. Since it is called rarely-visited regions surrounded with steep and high mountains, this area still maintain the antiquity views and unique culture including houses with steep rafter roof (Gassho-Zukuri).
You can enjoy local food such as edible wild plants and grilled mountain trout, also you are actually able to stay at this local traditional house (Gassho-Zukuri).

FIT package

We can arrange this tour for independent group, following to your designated date, during Sep 1-3 every year.


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