Winery in Katsunuma

Visit Wineries, Fruits orchard in Katsunuma!

Japanese wine history began in Koshu city (Katsunuma).
Two young men from Katsunuka town went to France in 1877 to learn the art of wine brewage. After returning home, they greatly contributed to the development of Japan’s wine brewing.
Wine made from Koshu – bred grapes: More than 50% of Koshu – bred wine is getting attention from all over the world, the wine is especially suit to Japanese cuisine as Sushi or Tempura.
Also this area is very famous about one of strongest warriors in Sengoku period, his name is Shingen Takeda. There are so many places related to him in this city.
This time, we introduce one of his place, Erin-ji temple, it’s landscape garden is designated as one of the country’s scenic beauties.
You can enjoy both tasting local wine and fresh fruits, and feeling historical atmosphere at the same time!!


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