Tokyo City Walking Tour

Architecture Tour!

Tokyo is one of the most exciting city in the world. Culture, art, entertainment, fashion, gourmet, sports, we have everything, and you can do everything!
In this time, we will introduce you Architecture in Tokyo.
Especially we focus to “modernism architecture” which had built after Samurai period ended, when our culture changed rapidly, and “post modern” buildings are also including, each of them has designed by internationally famous architects. Our English speaking guides, who had been trained by real architect, show you with explanation about these buildings, e.g. theme, characteristics, originality, ingenious points, historical and cultural background, secret story.

Now, we have 5 courses;
A-1: Omotesando
A-2: Ginza
A-3: Marunouchi & Hibiya
A-4: Daikanyama & Shibuya
A-5: Ueno
see the detail here

Let’s visit these beautiful buildings, with the other view spots, by all means!!


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