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Especially we would like to help individual or small group trip. We have lots of special and secret local information, that makes you much more excited!!

🙂  We can offer the fixed package trip for an individual or the small group. 

  1. Ordinary Course : Tokyo, Mt.Fuji(UNESCO), Kyoto, Osaka
  2. Hokkaido : Sapporo, Asahikawa, Shiretoko(UNESCO), Kushiro, Furano-Biei
  3. Tohoku : Japanese culture & natural beauty at Niigata, Yamagata, Akita(Shirakami mountain range : UNESCO), Aomori(Oirase gorge), Iwate(Chusonji temple : UNESCO) 
  4. North Kanto : Hiking at Oze & Oku-Tadami, Nikko(UNESCO), Mito Kairakuen park
  5. Tokai-do route : Tokyo, Mt. Fuji(UNESCO), Kiso-ji route, Nagoya, & experience ride of SL train
  6. Tokai Hokuriku round trip : Tokyo, Mt.Fuji(UNESCO), Kiso & Gero spa, Hida-Takayama, Shirakawa-go village(UNESCO), Toyama, Karuizawa

🙂  Also offer the Day Trip Courses for an individual or the small group. 

  1. Tokyo : Walking City Tour
  2. Architecture by Taxi
  3. Tea Ceremony & Temple
  4. Tokyo : Asakusa & Edo Kiriko Craft Experience
  5. Bike Tour : Tokyo Bay Waterfront
  6. Bike Tour : Tokyo Downtown
  7. Yokohama : Bay Cruise & China Town 
  8. Yokohama : Guide Tour
  9. Kamakura : Guide Tour
  10. Bike Tour : Mt.Fuji
  11. Bike Tour : Oku-Nikko
  12. Bike Tour : Kusatsu

🙂 We can arrange the parts of trip for you. 

  • Hotel, Ryokan(Japanese traditional accommodation with Spa)
  • Domestic transportation : Air, Train, Bus, Ferry, etc.
  • Car rental
  • Restaurant
  • Event ticket, Entrance ticket
  • Domestic package tour, Day tour
  • Guide with your language

🙂 We can introduce and give an advice of domestic information for you. For example, listed above.

Or the information about below,

  • Historical Traditional Place
  • Winter Sports Ski & Snowboading
  • Beach Resort
  • UNESCO World Heritage in Japan
  • Cherry Blossoms and the other flowers
  • Japanese Cuisine (Meal)
  • Festivals
  • Shikoku Henro ; Pilgrimage in Shikoku Temples
  • and more…

🙂 Liaison arrangement for B to B, for example…

  • Arrangement of visit Japanese company (Advanced technology, Traditional craft, Unique technology, etc.)
  • Helping M&A or alliance (Offer the information, Search the suitable company, introduce the experts like a lawyer and  accountant, etc.)

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Here we introduce some of typical Japanese scenery. 


Cherry Blossoms at famous park in Tokyo
Cherry Blossoms at famous park in Tokyo


In Japan,  spring is the most beautiful season in a year.

Many flowers start to bloom, especially we can see cherry blossoms anywhere, we are very proud of this flower as one of the national flowers.

Many foreigners come to see this beautiful flofwer.
Many foreigners come to see this beautiful flofwer.

 “Hanami” is traditional event in Japan, that many Japanese people like to see these beautiful flowers and enjoy eating and drinking under the tree with family, friends, or colleagues.

Recently so many foreign people come to see this flower and also enjoy Japanese style “Hanami”.


Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji... how beautiful!
Mt. Fuji… how beautiful!


 Mt. Fuji, which many Japanese people are proud of, is highest, the most beautiful and the most famous mountain in Japan.

Unlike a mountain range, this mountain characteristic is the shape which seems independent standing.


Japanese Gardens

Quiet and confortable place...Japanese Garden
Quiet and confortable place…Japanese Garden
 There are lots of Japanese style gardens anywhere in Japan. Each of them has each charactor and each history, but commonly saying, all of these gardens are very quiet, very beautiful, so we can spend a time relaxing.
sometimes you can find murmur of brook and colored leaves...
sometimes you can find murmur of brook and colored leaves…
or sometimes you can find old tower...
or sometimes you can find old tower…


Old traditional hosue in small village
Old traditional hosue in small village

 Snow season is aiso fantastic!

There are some mountain small villages registered by UNESCO.

All season you can go there, but if you want to meet the most beautiful and nostalsic scenary, you must choose winter!

Icicle and  straw -thatched roof

WORLD>>ASIA>>JAPAN…meet the another world!