FIT arrangements

We (i Travel Square) are the travel agency, in particular, we can help individual or small group (FIT) trips.

We introduce Japanese culture, tradition, history, four seasons, nature, etc., to you.

Whether you visit Japan as a first-timer or as a repeater, we offer a trip that will give you a wonderful and soul-stirring experience.

 🙂 We can arrange some parts of the trip for you. For example…

  • Hotel, Ryokan(traditional Japanese accommodation with Spa)
  • Domestic transportation : Air, Train, Bus, Ferry, etc.
  • Car rental
  • Restaurant
  • Event ticket, Entrance ticket
  • Domestic package tour, Day tour
  • Guide in your language

///Commission for Arrangements, Change or Cancellation

 For custom arrangements, commission of arrangements, change, or cancellation are required as below;

  • Commission for Arrangements (price are per person, per item)
Items Commission  Rate  or Minimum Charge *2
Combination of more than 2 items 20% of total amount or 20,000JPY(Min)
Transportation (Flight) Economy class:
3,000JPY one way, 5,000JPY return
Comfort economy class:
10% of flight fare or 10,000JPY(Min)
Business and First class:
10% of flight fare or 50,000JPY(Min)
Transportation (Other) 3,000JPY
Car Rental 3,000JPY
Accommodation 10% of room price or 1,500JPY(Min)
Restaurant 1,500JPY
Day Trip 20% of trip price or 2,000JPY(Min) *1
Events, Entertainment, Others 2,000JPY
Licensed Guide see here

  *1: Our company’s package products (Trip Courses) already included this commission in their price.
  *2: Each commission needs to add consumption tax.

  • Commission for Change or Cancellation
Date to Departure Change Cancellation
More than 41 days None None
40-31 days 10% of total amount 10% of total amount
30-3 days 20% of total amount 20% of total amount
2 days or Less 50% of total amount 50% of total amount

No Show or 

After Departed

100% of total amount 100% of total amount

Note1: Addition to above commission, according to the regulation of each transportation, hotel or the other facilities, you may be requested to cancel or change fee by each company.

Note2: If cancellation or change fee is listed in our package products, we apply each policies prior to above.

///Application Form

Please fill in the below box and send your requirement.


Payment can be settled by credit card (Paypal or Stripe).
After your booking, we will send you an invoice, then after your payment by credit card, the booking would be completed.



If you have any questions or offer to book, please send an email. We welcome even little questions! Don’t hesitate, and see you in Japan!!

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