About us

What can we do for you?

“i Travel Square” is the travel agency, and we can help individual or small group (FIT) trips.

We are delighted to introduce Japanese culture, tradition, history, four seasons, nature, etc., to overseas customers through “travel” while reaffirming the Japanese people themselves.

Whether you visit Japan as a first-timer or as a repeater, we offer a trip that will give you a wonderful and soul-stirring experience.

///Our Services

  • Tours : Standard tours with fixed destinations and itineraries that accompanies accommodations for several days.
  • Day Trip : Half-day or full-day tours with fixed destinations and itineraries, non-accommodation.
  • Hotel, guide, transportation, FTT arrangements

///Various Themes

  • Modern architecture and city excursion
  • Old historical street / town
  • Japanese garden
  • Traditional culture (tea ceremony, Kyogen, Kabuki, etc.)
  • Historical arts (temple & shrine, Buddha statue, Japanese paintings, etc.)
  • Castle
  • Ruins and burial mounds
  • Nature
  • Gastronomy, Japanese “Sake” and wine
  • Annual events and festivals
  • UNESCO world heritages
  • and so on…

Let’s explore Treasure in Japan!!

Questions about traveling to Japan, or Offer for traveling, please contact us as below,

Email:  info@i-travel-square.tokyo

WORLD>>ASIA>>JAPAN…meet the another world!