Advise of Information

🙂 We can introduce and give an advice of domestic information for you. For example, listed below.

  • Hotel, Ryokan(Japanese traditional accommodation with Spa)
  • Domestic transportation : Air, Train, Bus, Ferry, etc.
  • Car rental
  • Restaurant
  • Event ticket, Entrance ticket
  • Domestic package tour, Day tour
  • Guide in your language

Or the information about below,

  • Historical Traditional Place
  • Winter Sports Ski & Snowboading
  • Beach Resort
  • UNESCO World Heritage in Japan
  • Legacy of Tragedy UNESCO World Heritage : Hiroshima
  • Cherry Blossoms and the other flowers
  • Japanese Cuisine (Meal)
  • Festivals
  • Shikoku Henro ; Pilgrimage in Shikoku Temples
  • and more…


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