Advise of Information

🙂 We can introduce and give an advice of domestic information for you. For example, listed below.

  • Hotel, Ryokan(Japanese traditional accommodation with Spa)
  • Domestic transportation : Air, Train, Bus, Ferry, etc.
  • Car rental
  • Restaurant
  • Event ticket, Entrance ticket
  • Domestic package tour, Day tour
  • Guide in your language

Or the information about below,

  • Historical Traditional Place
  • Winter Sports Ski & Snowboading
  • Beach Resort
  • UNESCO World Heritage in Japan
  • Legacy of Tragedy UNESCO World Heritage : Hiroshima
  • Cherry Blossoms and the other flowers
  • Japanese Cuisine (Meal)
  • Festivals
  • Shikoku Henro ; Pilgrimage in Shikoku Temples
  • and more…


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Payment is able to be settled by credit card (Paypal).
After your booking, we will send you an invoice, then after your payment by credit card, the booking would be completed.


If you have any questions or offer to book, please send a email. We welcome even tiny questions! Don’t hesitate, and see you in Japan!!

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