Guide: Seiji

Name: Seiji (MR)

Language: English Interpreter-Guide

Guiding Area: Tokyo and neighboring cities (Kamakura, Odawara, Hakone, Nikko, etc.)


I have lived in the USA (California, New York and Ohio) and Canada (Quebec) for a total of 20 years, and in Tokyo the rest of my life.  I also have traveled to over 25 countries worldwide. (I am a Million Miler with ANA – All Nippon Airways)
I worked for a manufacture, successful providing solutions to customers in various industries worldwide such as automotive, information & communication technology, house appliances and food packaging.  It was a very intriguing carrier.
I am married to a Japanese and has two sons, both unmarried.

Specialties and Hobbies:

  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Travel domestic and overseas
  • Visit art museums and modern architecture
  • Sports and outdoor activities


Japan is traditional and modern, natural and artful, rural and urban.  Visit us to see and learn all the aspects of our country.  I would be delighted to entertain you during your stay here.  Hope to see you soon!

WORLD>>ASIA>>JAPAN…meet the another world!