Guide: Sonoko

Name: Sonoko (MS)

Language: English Interpreter-Guide

Guiding Area: Tokyo, Kamakura, Yokohama


I was born and grew up in Fukuoka, two hours flight from Tokyo, and took a one-year exchange program to the University of Pittsburgh, the U.S.A., in my fourth year at my university in Kyushu Island.
After graduating, I moved to Kanagawa, near Tokyo, to work for an electronic parts manufacturing and sales company headquartered in Chicago, the U.S.A. After leaving this company, I traveled alone in Europe and Morocco for three months, which later brought me to this field.
After returning to Japan, I spent most of the time raising kids and finally started my guide career in 2019. I have experienced several individual and group tours of Tokyo and the Great Kanto Area for international guests. As a mother of two sons, I have guided some family groups with children.
Also, since I once worked for Samurai Museum, a private museum in Tokyo, which exhibits authentic traditional Japanese armor, weapons, and some other items related to samurai warriors’ history and culture, this is one of the fields that I am good at guiding.


With the enhancement of the internet environment, collecting information is much easier than before. However, most of the latest and seasonal information is still often only available in local languages. So why don’t you hire a private guide like me for your more comfortable journey in Japan? I’m sure I can provide you with one of the best travels full of passion, knowledge, and hospitality!

WORLD>>ASIA>>JAPAN…meet the another world!