Why not Come to Miyazaki?-the Mythology world 5days

Why not come to Miyazaki?

Special Group Tour in 2019

Miyazaki is one of the prefecture in Kyushu, where we can find ancient Mythology spots here and there.
This course is including visiting several shrine, famous Burial mound, or some spots related to Mythology, also including visiting Takachiho canyon where you can see beautiful autumun scenery and local festival, in addition, visiting two wineries.

This course is made for Japanese customer, but you can join this, and you can enjoy communication with Japanese people!! Furthermore, you can see the annual local festival at Takachiho in the best season of autumn leaves colored with red and yellow, this is fantastic experience for you, we believe!!

Date: November 20-24, 2019
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Number of participants: minimum 8, maximum 15 people



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Mythology in Miyazaki

Since Miyazaki is said to be a hometown for mythology and folk stories and is used to be called Himuka Province in ancient times, there are many folk stories and historical sites including Himuka Mytholory which is written both in the Report of Ancient Matters and Chronicles of Japan.
Saito City is the center of them and there are lots of mythologies and folk stories. The center of mythologies is about Prince Ninigi and Princess Konohana Sakuya, Ninigi are grandson of Goddess Amaterasu (Sun Goddess). Prince Ninigi wanted to find out Saito as his ideal place where is bigger and much fertile than the descent to the earth of the grandson of the Sun-Goddess “Tenson Korin”. Then he finally met the daughter of God Oyamatsumi, called Princess Konohanasakuya and got married. Since the legends tell us about their marriage to childbirth, we can explore to find out the places to follow the Kiki-no-michi.
Kiki-no-Michi, walking road about 4km (2mile and half) long in Saito City, and it links the traditional sites written both in a Report of Ancient Matters and Chronicles of Japan (Kojiki and Nihon Shoki).

Takachiho Yokagura Dance

Takachiho Yokagura Dance (Kagura is a traditional dance performed by local men.) was designated as the Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property by the Japanese Government in 1978. It is said to be the origin when the Goddess Amanouzume performed a funny dance in front of the cave where the Goddess Amaterasu hides. We can hardly say exactly when it started but it probably began around by the end of the Heian Period, the 11th century. It is the ritual event to thank the Gods for a good harvest in fall and pray for fertility in the next spring. After the tutelary of each shrine are invited to Kagura Shuku, the 33 items are performed and dedicated. Yokagura festival is an annual usual event that the local men perform traditional 33 dances act for full two days. Why not think about the world of gods and goddesses in the mythology of this area for a while.



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