G-25 Mt. Akagi, Waterfall, Old temple in Gunma mountain area

G-25 Mt. Akagi, Waterfall, Old temple
in Gunma mountain area

Numata Castle Ruin
Numata Park is a famous place for cherry blossoms, and about 210 cherry blossoms that surround the entire park make you feel the arrival of spring.
This is the place where “Numata Castle”, which was once ruled by Mr. Sanada, was located. During the Samrai period (Sengoku era), fierce battles were repeated by Uesugi, Takeda, and Gohojo, and since it is also the site of Numata Castle, where Sanada later built the castle as a residence, you can see part of the remains.
From the Kuruwa (residence), you can overlook the ruins of a nearby castle. Why don’t you think about the offense and defense by the Sengoku Samurai?

Taineiji temple
Taineiji Temple was founded as the Tendai sect in 1309 and later converted to the Soto sect. The fragrant Sumidan, Ranma, and Sanmon of Momoyama architecture are designated as important cultural properties of the prefecture. This temple that started a terakoya (= elementary school) in the Edo period and is the center of this area. “Sanmon” gate is said to have been built in 1775.
In late July, about 2,000 hydrangeas bloomed all over the precincts, and the sutras have become a popular target for tourists as well as making stone Buddha statues.
The area is widely known for its “Takumi-no-sato”, where hiking trails around wild Buddha and hands-on traditional craft shops are gathered.

Kasyozan temple
Kasyozan is known to have the best “Tengu” mask in Japan, and is counted as one of Japan’s three major Tengu along with Kurama-dera Temple in Kyoto and Mt. Takao Yakuouin temple in Tokyo.
“Tengu” is an apparition that has good and evil, and on the other hand, it is sometimes treated as a god. It is said to have the strongest magical power among the tengu.
As a practice of worshiping at Kasyozan, it is said that you will borrow a tengu mask, bring the borrowed mask to the next visit and dedicate it at the store in front of the gate with a new mask, and borrow another mask again.
Bring back the power of the tengu, and visit Japan again!!

Fukiware Waterfall
The Fukiware Waterfall, which has been designated as a “Natural Monument and Scenic Beauty,” is 7 meters high and 30 meters wide, and is also called the Niagara Falls of the Orient because of its appearance of falling and scattering. The name “Fukiware Falls” comes from the fact that the clear stream of the Katashina River, which flows over the riverbed of tuff and granite, erodes the soft part of the rock and creates many cracks, as if a huge rock had blown.
There are also promenades in the surrounding area, and there are many attractions with unique valley beauty, such as spectacular scenery, rock walls, strange scenery, and views from historic bridges and temples.
Please feel the overwhelming power and magnificent natural beauty created by the eternal time with your whole body.

Mt. Akagi
Mt. Akagi is a compound volcano that includes Mt. Kurobi at an altitude of 1,828 m and a caldera lake consisting of the other 6 mountains. It is a famous peak that is one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan, 100 famous mountains in Kanto, and the Jomo three mountains.
This mountain area is popular for tourist where you can enjoy the charm of each season with abundant mountaineering courses that can be enjoyed by beginners to intermediate climbers.
The northerly wind ” Karakkaze” that blows in the Kanto plain in winter blows from the direction of Mt. Akagi, so it is called “Akagi Oroshi” in Gunma prefecture.
In Senjogahara, at the northwestern foot of Mt. Nantai in Nikko City, there is a legend that the god of Mt. Nantai and the god of Mt. Akagi fought as a large snake and a centipede, respectively, and the god of Mt. Nantai won the victory.
Akagi Shrine enshrines Mt. Akagi, and is revered as a place of mountain worship.

Gunma Prefecture, which has no sea, has been a place of worship, legends, and battles centered on mountains since ancient times.
Let’s all feel the air of these mysterious mountains!

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  • Taineiji temple (30min)
  • Takumino-sato craftsman’s village (80min)
    **Lunch at this place
  • Kasyouzan temple (30min)
  • Fukiware waterfall (40min)
  • Mt. Akagi & Akagi shrine (30m)

17:30 Arrive at JR Shibukawa station, then finish the tour.


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