K-80 Yokohama high-end dine

K-80 Yokohama high-end dine

Let’s go to the Restaurant of 160 years ago
to enjoy time traveling

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We will visit the traditional high class restaurant ,Tanakaya, depicted in the following old woodblock print. The history of this restaurant is about 160 years. This is the only traditional high-class restaurant still running in the area.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of a Japanese-style old house, high-class Japanese cuisine, and the history of this area. As an option, geisha’s music and tatami room play are also available. Your tour guide and waitress will explain the history and episodes related to this area. Furthermore, your guide will lead you Kanagawa Post Staion and Kaiko Hiroba” Port Opening Square, and explain that the current scenes are surrounded by a group of buildings, but those were used to be the sea like the following old woodblock print. You can imagine the old scenes and feel like time traveling at these sights.

/// Highlights ///

  • During the Edo Period, this area flourished as Kanagawa Post Station, one of the post towns of the Tokaido Go Jyu San Tsugi, which were 53 towns on the Tokaido, a highway connecting Tokyo and Kyoto. Kanagawa Post Station has been widely known for its picturesque seaside. But the current scene is completely different from the old one. You can imagine the old scene of this area, standing at this site.
  • Tanakaya’s beginnings can be seen in Ukiyo-e, traditional woodblock prints featuring “pictures of the floating world.”
  • There were many tea houses with benches outside lining the hilly roads of this area, offering excellent views of the sea. These teahouses were depicted in the “Kanagawa Dai no Kei” woodblock print of Ando Hiroshige’s Tokaido Go Jyu San Tsugi series of woodblock prints. If you look closely at the print, you will see a storefront sign saying “Sakuraya” on the third shop from the top of the hill. This shop is Tanakaya’s previous incarnation. The number of these restaurants was about 1300 at the peek. After 160 years passing, only this restaurant is remaining.
  • Many prominent people have dined with this restaurant. They include Townsend Harris, the first American Consul General to Japan and Ito Hirobumi, an elder statesman who played a key role in modernizing Japan.
  • Oryo, wife of prominent samurai Sakamoto Ryoma once worked at this restaurant and was popular with customers. After renowned samurai Sakamoto Ryoma who played a key role in overthrowing the Tokugawa shogunate passed away, his wife Oryo came to live in Tanakaya and became one of its attendants.
  • The Japan-US Treaty of Peace and Amity was signed at “Kaiko Hiroba” Port Opening Square about 170 years ago. This was when the developing of Yokohama began.
  • Standing at the current Port Opening Square, you can imagine the old scene of this site by seeing old picture.
  • The camphor tree in the old picture is still remaining as in the current picture. This big tree has watched over the great development of Yokohama.

/// FIT package ///

We can arrange this tour for individual, family, or the small group, following to your designated date, through the year.

/// Itinerary for dinner ///

16:00 Yokokama station*
           Meet with a guide and take a subway to Nihon-oh-dori station.
16:30 Kaiko Hiroba, Port Opening Square and surrounding areas
17:30 Kanagawa Post Station
18:00 Dinner at Tanakaya **additional 1 hour for Geisha’s play
20:00  Return to Yokohama station by walk.*

/// Itinerary for lunch /// (only on week days)

10:00 Yokokama station*
           Meet with a guide and take a subway to Nihon-oh-dori station.
10:30 Kaiko Hiroba, Port Opening Square and surrounding areas
11:30 Kanagawa Post Station
12:00 Lunch at Tanakaya **additional 1 hour for Geisha’s play
14:00  Return to Yokohama station by walk.*

* If you need hotel pick-up, it’s possible to meet at your hotel in central Tokyo or Kanagawa prefecture with additional time.

/// Add-ons & Description ///

  • This is a private walking tour.
  • Please make a reservation at least four days before your tour.
  • A local guide who knows Yokohama well will guide you.
    *See our guide “Tatsuo” and “Kenzo” who are specialists of Yokohama!
    Their message;
    “We can take you historical places and restaurant . Let’s enjoy and explore Japan!”

  • When a typhoon or a heavy rain warning are issued, the tour may be cancelled.

/// Price

of Guests
  2  3 4 5
Price  / person (Yen)  Dinner  37,000  33,000 30,000  29,000
Lunch 26,000 21,000 18,500 17,000
Geisha JPY35,000 / 1 hour 1 group

Price Include:

  • English speaking guide
  • Dinner or lunch
  • Cost of Geisha’s music and tatami room play
    If you request these, extra charge, 35000yen/hour is required
    **Necessary for advance reservation
  • Commission for arrangements
  • Commission for settlements by credit card
  • Consumption tax

Price Exclude:

  • Transportation costs to the meeting place / ending place
  • Accommodation costs
  • Cost and service fee of drinks at Tanakaya are excluded
    If you drink something at Tanakaya, cost and service fee of your drinks are required (important information)
  • Transportation costs during the tour, e.g. train or taxi
  • Admission fee
  • Food and beverage fee other than at Tanakaya for customers and guide
  • Souvenir fee / personal expenses
  • Expenses for services not described in the itinerary

Regarding these standard courses, we can arrange the plan upon your request by adding / deleting destinations, and combining other courses before and after, making reservations of accommodation, transportation, restaurants, or event tickets, etc. Please contact us by all means.

Please see here for the arrangement fee.

ex.1 Arrangement for accommodation
Room charge 10,000yen(1night 1person) + Commission 1,650yen(incl. c-tax)=Total 11,650yen 

ex.2 Arrangement for additional transportation
Super express train 20,000yen(1person) + Commission 3,300yen(incl. c-tax)=Total 23,300yen 

/// Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for this course;

Days to Departure Cancellation Charge
More than 31 days 10,000JPY
30-15 days 50% of trip price, Min 10,000JPY
14-8 days 70% of trip price, Min 10,000JPY
7 days or Less, No Show 100% of trip price

Please refer to “Price, Terms and Conditions” for other detailed regulations.

 /// Application Form

Please select the course and fill in the below box;



/// Payment

Payment can be settled by credit card (Paypal or Stripe).
After your booking, we will send you an invoice, then after your payment by credit card, the booking would be completed.


/// Contact

If you have any questions or offer to book, please send an email. We welcome even little questions! Don’t hesitate, and see you in Japan!!

Contact us:   info@i-travel-square.tokyo

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