N-30 Zenkoji temple & Winter Fireworks (November)

N-30 Zenkoji temple & Winter Fireworks (November 23rd)

Nagano prefecture surrounded by mountains

About Zenkoji temple 

The history of Zenkoji temple started in 642, when Yoshimitsu Honda enshrined a Buddhist Image at the present site.
The main image was created in India and introduced into Japan with Buddhism via Paekche in Korean Peninsula in 552. It is called “The Image of Sangoku Denrai” in Japanese.
The image has been believed to lead all the people to the Buddhist Pure Land regardless of their status, gender or creed. It has been earnestly worshipped by many people from those in power at the time to the common people.
The main image was completely hidden from the people in 654, and since then no one has ever been allowed to see it.
The temple name “Zenkoji” literally means “Yoshimitsu’ s temple”. It is read as “Zenkoji” by another way of reading of the Chinese characters.

History of Ebisu Fireworks

The history of fireworks in Nagano is old, and it is said that it has been flourishing since the Edo period. As one of them, a prostitute in Gondo-village (now Gondo-town) held a fireworks display as a way to invite tourists, and it was said that it was very crowded with spectators from nearby neighborhoods.

In the Taisho era, the Ebisu Fireworks Festival carefully selected fireworks masters and did not allow the participation of inexperienced people, so for fireworks masters nationwide, participation in the Ebisu Fireworks Festival in Nagano is said to be “progressive fireworks”. It came to be called.

Even in today’s fireworks epidemic, Nagano’s Ebisu Fireworks Festival is said to be one of the leading fireworks festivals in Japan due to its excellent quality. In addition, a new fireworks contest that invites one of the best fireworks artists in Japan started in 1992, attracting fans.

A winter fireworks display that is rare in Japan. In addition to the gorgeous launch fireworks such as “Music Star Mine”, a collaboration of music and fireworks, and “No. 8 ball 100 barrage oversized wide star mine”, the large flower of the scale ball also colors the dignified and clear night sky of late autumn, and the fireworks critic said “Once I have to watch this fireworks display. “

Click here, you can enjoy sample video of fireworks!

/// FIT package

We can arrange this tour for individual, family, or the small group, following to your designated year, but the day is fixed only November 23rd.

/// Itinerary

14:00 Meet at JR Nagano station, then guide takes you Zenkoji temple area by bus and walking

View Points

  1. NAIJIN of the HONDO (the inner part with TATAMI mattress)
  2. SAN-MON gate
  3. KYOZO (the warehouse that holds Buddhist scriptures)
  4. NIO-MON gate
  6. the other buildings on temple grounds

16:00 After visiting the temple, take a walk along the approach to the temple (Shopping, taking meals), then go to Nagano station by walk, take shuttle bus to fireworks place

Nagano specialty “Oyaki”

18:00-20:00 Watch the Fireworks
** You can eat light meals at the stalls near the venue

20:30 Return to Nagano station, then finish the tour.


/// Price

of Guests
 1 2  3 4-5  6 or more
(Max 10)
/ person
 73,000  38,000  27,000 21,000  22,000

Price Include:

  • Transportation (local bus, shuttle bus) from / to Nagano station, Zenko-ji, and fireworks place
  • Admission fee for Zenko-ji temple for customers and guide
  • English (or other languages) speaking guide
    (English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Thai)
  • Commission for arrangements
  • Commission for settlements by credit card
  • Consumption tax

Price Exclude:

  • Transportation costs to the meeting place / ending place
  • Accommodation costs
  • Food and beverage fee for customers and guide
  • Souvenir fee / personal expenses
  • Expenses for services not described in the itinerary

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ex.1 Arrangement for accommodation
Room charge 10,000yen(1night 1person) + Commission 1,650yen(incl. c-tax)=Total 11,650yen 

ex.2 Arrangement for additional transportation
Super express train 20,000yen(1person) + Commission 3,300yen(incl. c-tax)=Total 23,300yen 

/// Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for this course;

Days to Departure Cancellation Charge
More than 31 days 10,000JPY
30-15 days 50% of trip price, Min 10,000JPY
14-8 days 70% of trip price, Min 10,000JPY
7 days or Less, No Show 100% of trip price

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