S-38 Sumata Ravine, Unexplored Journey

Beautiful scenery
in the unexplored deep  mountains!
– Sumata Ravine’s Suspension bridge –

Amazing views are waiting for you,
after the end of the journey by only a few local transportation in a day!

What’s the highlight of Sumata Ravine?

“Sumatakyo” (Sumata Ravine) is the entrance of the Southern Alps on the Shizuoka Prefecture side.
This area was certified as the “Southern Alps UNESCO Eco Park” in 2014 in order to protect the valuable ecosystem of the vast Southern Alps that spans Nagano, Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures.

The highlight of this Sumata Ravine is the beautiful emerald green dam lake and the long suspension bridge over it.

Why is the water emerald green?

The emerald green of the dam lake peeks through the trees, and it feels as if we are descending into the sky.  
This blueness is due to the “Tyndall phenomenon“.
The water of the Sumata River is so clear that you can see the bottom of the river. The fine particles in this water reflect blue light with short wavelengths and absorb red light with long wavelengths. By this phenomenon creates such a beautiful sight.

Oma Dam lake, the source of the Tyndall phenomenon
Depend on the sun shine, the color of the water changes to emerald green.

The other highlight, Onsen Spa

The type of hot spring is an alkaline simple sulfur spring with a pH value of 8.9. There is a faint smell of sulfur, and hot water flowers, that are slimy to the touch, dance in the water. The hot spring’s ingredients dissolve unnecessary keratin on the skin, leaving the skin getting smoother after bathing. For this reason, it is also known by another name, “Bijinzukuri no Yu”. (Hot water that makes you beautiful!)

There is also a day-trip bath, so after hiking, you can enjoy the hot springs and how about transforming beautiful?

/// FIT package

We can arrange this tour for individual, family, or the small group, following to your designated date, during 3 days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with the second Saturday in February.

/// Itinerary

You can choose the meeting and ending place from either Shin-Yokohama Station or Shizuoka Station.

*5:50 Meet with guide at JR Shin-Yokohama station, then take the Shinkansen express to Shizuoka station
(*only select Shin-Yokohama station as meeting/ending point)

**6:45 Meet with guide at JR Shizuoka station
(**only select Shizuoka station as meeting/ending point)

Then, take the local train and bus to Sumata-Onsen
12:10 Start hiking around Sumata ravine area (2.5 hours)

  • “Yume no Tsuri-hashi” Suspension bridge
  • “Ozaki-zaka” Observatory
  • “Hiryu-bashi” Bridge

If you like, you can take a spa onsen after hiking (additional fee)

12:40 Take the local bus to Senzu station

You can take lunch at the local diner restaurant and visit a museum with the theme of sound around this area. (1 hour)

14:20 Take the local bus and train to Shizuoka station

**16:40 Arrive at Shizuoka station, then finish the tour
(**only select Shizuoka station as meeting/ending point)

*16:50 Take the Shinkansen express to Shin-Yokohama station
*18:00 Arrive at Shin-Yokohama station, then finish the tour
(*only select Shin-Yokohama station as meeting/ending point)


In this course does not take on board, but you can also take the SL steam locomotive from Shin-Kanaya Station in another day.

/// Price

of Guests
 1 2  3 4-5  6 or more
(Max 10)
Price  / person (Yen) Shin-
 125,000  75,000  59,000 50,000  63,000
99,000 54,000 39,000 32,000 38,000

Price Include:

  • Transportation (train and bus) between Shizuoka station and Sumata-Onsen bus stop
  • Shinkansen express between Shin-Yokohama station and Shizuoka station (*only select Shin-Yokohama station as meeting/ending point)
  • English (or other languages) speaking guide
    (English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Thai)
  • Commission for arrangements
  • Commission for settlements by credit card
  • Consumption tax

Price Exclude:

  • Transportation costs to the meeting place / ending place
  • Accommodation costs
  • Food and beverage fee
  • Entrance fee of Spa
  • Souvenir fee / personal expenses
  • Expenses for services not described in the itinerary

/// Additional arrangement

Regarding these standard courses, we can arrange the plan upon your request by adding / deleting destinations, and combining other courses before and after, making reservations of accommodation, transportation, restaurants, or event tickets, etc. Please contact us by all means.

Please see here for the arrangement fee.

ex.1 Arrangement for accommodation
Room charge 10,000yen(1night 1person) + Commission 1,650yen(incl. c-tax)=Total 11,650yen 

ex.2 Arrangement for additional transportation
Super express train 20,000yen(1person) + Commission 3,300yen(incl. c-tax)=Total 23,300yen 

/// Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for above course;

Days to Departure Cancellation Charge
More than 15 days 5% of trip price
14-8 days 50% of trip price
7-2 days 80% of trip price
1 day or Less, No Show 100% of trip price

Please refer to “Price, Terms and Conditions” for other detailed regulations.

/// Application Form

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/// Payment

Payment can be settled by credit card (Paypal or Stripe).
After your booking, we will send you an invoice, then after your payment by credit card, the booking would be completed.


/// Contact

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