T-82 East Gardens of the Imperial Palace Walking Tour

T-82 East Gardens of the Imperial Palace Walking Tour

Enjoy your time travel to the good old Edo period!

Go enter through Oote-mon Gate

The Imperial Palace is the residence of the Imperial Family. This place used to be called Edo Castle and was the residence of Tokugawa shoguns as well as the political centre of Japan until the 19th century. On this tour, at the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, you will dive into the world of Edo-period castles. You are able to see typical features of Japanese castles, such as “masugata” square gates, moats, “yagura” watchtowers, and impressive stone walls.

As this tour starts from Tokyo Station, an Important Cultural Property of Japan, the guide will explain the historical background of Tokyo Station on the way to the East Gardens. 

The district between the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station is called “Marunouchi”, which means “inside the circle”. This area used to be inside the moat and there were a lot of mansions of feudal loads. The sophisticated Marunouchi business district with interesting street art sculptures will also be visited.

the view of Marunouchi area from Tokyo station to Imperial Palace.

/// Highlights

  • Visit the East Gardens from its main gate, Ote-mon. This gate is a typical “masugata” square gate and worked to protect the castle.
  • Observe various types of dynamic stone walls in the gardens.
  • Observe two beautiful “yagura” watchtowers. One is Sakurada Tatsumi Yagura. You are able to see this elegant watchtower from across the moat just before entering the East Gardens. Another yagura is Fujimi Yagura located inside the East Gardens. The Main Castle Tower of Edo Castle was destroyed by the great fire in 1657 and was never rebuilt. This Fujimi Yagura watchtower served as the substitute for the main castle tower.
  • Visit Tenshu-dai (the base of the castle tower) and enjoy the amazing view of the gardens from the top of it.
  • Enjoy some street art sculptures in Marunouchi district.

/// FIT package

We can arrange these tours for individual, family, or the small group, following to your designated date, through the year except for the dates when the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace are closed.

/// Itinerary

10:00 Meet with the guide at Tokyo Station Marunouchi North Exit and walk to the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. 

On the way to the East Gardens, the guide will explain the historical and cultural background of Tokyo Station and the Marunouchi district.

10:30 East Gardens of the Imperial Palace 

On the way back to Tokyo Station, the guide will introduce you to KITTE Garden (a rooftop garden at the JP Tower KITTE building near Tokyo Station) to show you a fantastic view of the red brick building of Tokyo Station.

13:00 Finish the tour at Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station

/// Add-ons & Description

  • This is a walking tour, so please wear comfortable shoes.
  • East Gardens are usually closed on Mondays and Fridays. They also have different schedules due to special occasions. Please check their official website. This tour is not available when they are closed.
  • The tour may be cancelled in the case of inclement weather.
  • In the case that KITTE Garden is closed, we’ll change the itinerary and replace it with another destination that has a good view near Tokyo Station.
  • Keiko.S and the other castle-loving guides will guide you.


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