Guide: Sachimi

Name: Sachimi (MS)

Language: English Interpreter-Guide

Guiding Area: Tokyo, Kamakura, Kawagoe


Born and raised in Kobe.
Majored in English literature at a university in Kobe. Worked in the marketing department in a global leading consumer goods company for almost 20 years.  Acquired the national license of interpreter-guide in English in 2015.
Living in Tokyo since 2007. Married with 1 son. 

Specialties and Hobbies:

  • Love Japanese art and craft, visiting artisans, and experience.
  • Learning the traditional technique of Yuzen silk dying.
  • Strolling around town, visiting museums, galleries, and Japanese gardens.
  • Enjoy doing yoga and hiking.


Hello or “Konnichiwa!”
Tokyo has so many things to see and do, many attractive sightseeing spots and experiences both old and new, city and nature. I would love to show you around the iconic sights of Tokyo as well as the numerous hidden gems on off-the-beaten tourist paths. 
I am a friendly, personable, and adaptable person and will provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable tour with traditional hospitality, “omotenashi” in Japanese.
Please allow me to help you experience these magnificent things during your visit to Japan.  Looking forward to meeting you soon.

I-85 Pottery Town Kasama One Day Excursion

I-85 Pottery Town Kasama One Day Excursion course;
I’ll be in charge of this tour.
Let’s enjoy Kasama together!

WORLD>>ASIA>>JAPAN…meet the another world!