K-78 Explore the diversity of Kamakura

T-78 Explore the diversity of Kamakura

Enjoy fascinating gardens,
the oldest Kamakura temple,
and lunch at English garden in Kamakura

In eastern part of Kamakura along Kanazawa Road, there are several fascinating gardens and historical sites.
First, we will visit the popular bamboo garden in Hokokuji temple, next, we’ll head to the refined Ichijo-ekan villa garden which was an aristocrat’s villa and was moved here from Kyoto for preservation.
Then, we’ll enjoy lunch at Ishigama garden terrace in Jyomyoji temple, while viewing the English garden.
After that, we will head to Sugimotodera temple, the oldest temple in Kamakura with mossy steps.  Lastly, we’ll go to Tsurugaoka- Hachimangu shrine, the symbol of Kamakura with iconic vermillion architecture. On your way to Kamakura station, let’s drop by local Komachi-dori shopping street and find lovely sweets and souvenirs.. 

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine

/// Highlights ///

  • Stroll the beautiful bamboo garden in Hokokuji temple, which is well-maintained by gardeners every day. Walking in the bamboo forest is refreshing and calming. Also, you will enjoy Maccha, or powdered tea, and sweets at a small tea house in the garden.
  • Visit Ichijo-ekan villa built in the early 17th century by Ichijo-ekan, an aristocrat. It’s one of three major villas along with Katsurarikyu Villa and Shugakuin Villa in Kyoto. In 1960’s, this building of important cultural property was disassembled and reassembled here for preservation. Depending on the villa’s schedule, you might be able to observe interiors of the building, which is Sukiya-style, or rustic and refined architecture.
  • Have a nice lunch in Ishigama garden terrace in the lovely English garden on the hill in Jyomyoji temple’s ground. It’s a unique combination of the Zen temple and the English garden, where you can feel relaxed.
  • Explore Sugimotodera temple, the oldest temple built in the 8th century, has mossy steps aged by numerous pilgrims since ancient times. You can enter the thatched-roofed main hall to see several old Buddhist statues.
  • Tsurugaoka- Hachimangu shrine was built in the 12th century by Kamakura Shogun, MINAMOTONO Yoritomo, who established the first samurai government in Kamakura. The Shinto shrine has bright vermillion structures. On a fine day, you can view the sea from the main hall on the hill.
  • Komachi-dori shopping street is a popular street with a lot of shops and cafes, so you’ll find lovely sweets and souvenirs.

/// FIT package ///

We can arrange this tour for individual, family, or the small group, following to your designated date, through the year.

/// Itinerary ///

9:40 Kamakura station east exit
            Meet with a guide and take a local bus to Hokokuji temple

10:50 Ichijo-ekan villa garden

12:40 Lunch at Ishigama garden terrace in Jyomyoji temple

14:00 Sugimotodera temple

14:50 Take a bus to Tsurugaoka- Hachimangu shrine

16:00 Komachi-dori shopping street

16:40 Return to Kamakura station, then finish the tour.

/// Add-ons & Description ///

  • This is a private walking tour.
    We’ll take a bus just twice for a short distance.
  • In case that Ichijo-ekan villa is under maintenance, we’ll change the itinerary and replace it with other destinations upon your request.
  • We can arrange destinations and add optional places to visit upon your request;
    *Bright Yuigahama beach with a 20-minute-walk from Kamakura station
    *Myohonji temple with a 10-minute-walk from Kamakura station
        (a temple off-the-beaten-track with peaceful atmosphere) 
    *The great statue of Buddha in Kotokuin temple and Hase temple by Enoden local train

  • Higashi, Kamakura guide

    A local guide who knows Kamakura well will guide you.
    *See our guide “Higashi“, who is specialist of Kamakura!
    Her message;
    “It is fascinating to explore Kamakura while considering its historical

    background. I know Kamakura well because I’ve visited there a lot since my childhood and every time I visit, I learn new things. Let’s enjoy our intriguing trip there!”

  • When a typhoon or a heavy rain warning are issued, the tour may be cancelled.

/// Price

of Guests
 1 2  3 4-5  6 or more
(Max 10)
Price  / person (Yen)  52,000  30,000  22,000 18,000  18,500

Price Include:

  • English (or other languages) speaking guide
  • Entrance fees for guests and guide
  • Transportation for local bus & train
  • Commission for arrangements
  • Commission for settlements by credit card
  • Consumption tax

Price Exclude:

  • Transportation costs to the meeting place / ending place
  • Accommodation costs
  • Lunch for guests
  • Food and beverage fee for customers and guide
  • Souvenir fee / personal expenses
  • Expenses for services not described in the itinerary

Regarding these standard courses, we can arrange the plan upon your request by adding / deleting destinations, and combining other courses before and after, making reservations of accommodation, transportation, restaurants, or event tickets, etc. Please contact us by all means.

Please see here for the arrangement fee.

ex.1 Arrangement for accommodation
Room charge 10,000yen(1night 1person) + Commission 1,650yen(incl. c-tax)=Total 11,650yen 

ex.2 Arrangement for additional transportation
Super express train 20,000yen(1person) + Commission 3,300yen(incl. c-tax)=Total 23,300yen 

/// Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for this course;

Days to Departure Cancellation Charge
More than 31 days 10,000JPY
30-15 days 50% of trip price, Min 10,000JPY
14-8 days 70% of trip price, Min 10,000JPY
7 days or Less, No Show 100% of trip price

Please refer to “Price, Terms and Conditions” for other detailed regulations.

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