Guide: Higashi

Name: Higashi (MS)

Language: English Interpreter-Guide

Guiding Area: Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone, Kawagoe and other surrounding area


Born and raised in Yokohama–a port city, located between Tokyo and Kamakura.  Majored in law. Worked at Kanagawa Prefectural Government for thirty years and belonged to various departments such as the prefectural university secretariat, environmental protection, and more. I like communicating with residents and staff, so working with people was enjoyable and fulfilling.

After retiring early, I decided to become a tour guide. Since I’m really interested in Japanese history and traveling across Japan, it’s fascinating that I can share that experience with visitors from overseas! Have given volunteer tours in Fukagawa-Edo museum and in Koto City of Tokyo since 2019, and acquired the national license of interpreter-guide in English in 2021.

Specialties and Hobbies:

  • Traveling by train to visit Japanese castles.(I’ve already visited 20 castles across Japan. My most favorite castle is Matsumoto-jo castle, about 3-hour-train-ride from Tokyo. You can see Northern Japan Alps from the castle tower.)
  • Enjoying hot spring resorts(I love Hakone hot spring resort since my childhood.)
  • Love Edo culture ( Ukiyoe, or wood block prints, watching Kabuki play, enjoying Sushi and Tempura)


Japan is rich in nature and each region has its own distinctive history, culture and local specialties. Depending on your interest and request, I will assist your great experience in Japan. Also, I would like to help you communicate with locals you meet during the trip. Let’s explore this intriguing country together!

K-78 Explore the diversity of Kamakura

K-78 Explore the diversity of Kamakura

T-79 Yanaka downtown walking

T-79 Yanaka downtown walking course;

I’ll be in charge of these tours.
Let’s explore together!

WORLD>>ASIA>>JAPAN…meet the another world!